L’esprit d’Edvard Munch 1997. Blind tasting
12,4% Garnet-red robe. Aromatic nose,smoky, empyreumatic. Supple attack on a silky body. We could think we taste a good Burgundy ! Very pinot noir style, a lot of finesse and balance.Average lenght in mouth. It’s very good, congratulations from all the tasters !
We thank Mr Hansen to have given us the opportunity to taste this rare great wine.
February 2008 www.dreamwine.com Bordeaux ,France.

L´esprit d’Edvard Munch 1999. Blind tasting
This lovely Pinot Noir was a delicious match to duck breasts in wine sauce.The wine was clear fruit flavours on the nose, a good balance between fruit and cask on the palate and a balanced power that enable a good match with the fat and gamey flavour of the food. Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed the meal. To compare this pinot noir with others is not very easy. It easily overshadows simple burgundy pinots and many one dimensional new world pinots. But it finds itself lacking when compared to the better pinots from Oregon and California. I will with pleasure drink this wine again in a comparison tasting or with fine food.
October 2007. Ulf Palmnäs, Director Business Developement and Strategy, Military and Space, Volvo Aero Corporation S-461 81 Trollhättan, Sweden

A surprisingly good wine, so good in fact that we have no qualms in awarding L’esprit d’Edvard Munch with Five Stars. An incredibly interesting wine with a distinguished opening in the glass. We are impressed.
www.vinavisen.dk 19.08.2002

The colour is pure and clean purple red and will probably deepen after 3-4 years. The taste was wonderful with a hint of raspberries and strawberries. A good balance between fruit and acidity. Congratulations!
Commanderie de Bordeaux a Oslo 11.10.1997

The first impression of the taste was a discrete hint of blackcurrant and menthol, but also elements of tobacco, coffee and liquorice as in the wines from Pomerol. Impressive.
Bjørn Lyng, Dagbladet 02.11.1997

An appropriate bouquet of Burgundy with hint of raspberries. Light, perhaps a taste of Beaujolais. A little too much acidity, will develop well. I have tasted the wine on two occasions, comparing it with genuine Burgundies from 1990 and 1994, the L’Esprit d’ Edvard Munch holds its own. I would say that the price is correct for such a rare wine produced in such a small quantity. It may therefore become an object of investment and surely a very rare collector’s wine.
Rolf Aas, Association of Norwegian Wine Clubs. TV2 news 16.03.1996

The wine has the correct Burgundy colour, almost ripe in colour. It has a pleasant bouquet of red berries, a little of both strawberries and raspberries. The wine has a medium-full bodied taste, quite a lot of acidity and a pleasant long aftertaste, which is a sign of quality for a wine. It is quite fantastic that it is possible to make such a wine in Norway - fully comparable with most other Burgundies. Congratulations, I am quite impressed.
Gorm Kindblad, Master of Wine. TV1-NRK 15.11.1996

The wine reminds me of a Bourgogne but is more complex. It has more body and a richer taste than our French Pinot Noir. It is still characterised by having young vines as a base. Has a little surplus of acidity, which will gradually break down biologically. The wine can be stored and will improve as time goes by. You have succeeded so far. Good luck in the future.
Lars P Storvestre , Vigneron. Provence 29.10.1997

Actually, it almost goes against nature that we can produce such a good wine so far north. I am positively surprised by the quality. It has an excellent colour and a good taste.
Frithjof Nicolaysen, Master of Wine . Oslo 03.02.1996

Clear ruby-red with a touch of blue, lighter than a Burgundy, but darker than a Beaujolais. A surprisingly intense and complex bouquet, dominated by wild raspberries. Still young in taste and needs to be stored for some years.
Harald Nordli, Sweden “All about Wine” . Sept. no. 4, 1996

It is a Bourgogne, clear red, deep tone, fine colour. The wine has a bouquet of violets and cola (chocolate and caramel), fine balance and complexity. No doubt about it, this is a really good wine, which should be stored for some years.
Rune Struck, “Aperitif” Oct. 1996